Today was hard and stupid and my bank account took a huge hit. 

But I know it was the right decision and that everything will be okay and that I’ll be back on track in no time.

Taking steps to plan out my future and being an adult is scary sometimes but I know everything will be okay.

I get to see Jonathan tomorrow. I can’t fucking wait. Tomorrow’s going to be such a great day.

I keep trying to tell myself that everything is going to be okay but I always end up to just hating everything and crying.

All I wanna do is talk to him.

Today is just not a good day.

I hate feeling so emotional and irrational and needy.

It’s way too hot.

I’m way too emotional.

I need friends.

I also need a free slurpee from 711.

wtf is wrong with me.

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Pretty stoked about sleeping in my own bed for the next week. 

Been missing it waaaaay too much.

I just with he could be here in my bed with me.


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Already missing him way too much.

This weekend was perfect tho, I’m so glad he came to see me.


Time to finish getting ready for Miami tho. 

Omgg I can’t wait to see him tomorrow. <3 

Been missing him way too much this past week.

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I love it when his voice is the last thing I hear before going to sleep.

I wish I could spend every night in his arms.

He makes me so damn happy.

I can’t wait until he comes to see me on Saturday.

Life has been so good lately.

Going home soon.

Going to miss him too much.

These past few days have been way too good.

I can’t believe how happy he makes me feel.


I can’t get him off my mind.

I can’t keep this smile off my face.



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